“Dr. Gandy and his staff are amazing. It was a big decision to choose an orthodontist for my son but his staff's kindness and experience made it an easy one. Particularly during the height of COVID, the measures they took were exemplary. They are extremely flexible and willing to work with your schedule and are great at follow up. I would highly recommend them. My son loves his new and improved smile now!”
— Rabiah F

“This office is AMAZING! They are super friendly and flexible with your schedule. Not to mention, my daughter had the first phase with Gandy Orthodontics and we were so pleased with the results. I decided to get braces in my adult years as my teeth shifted (I had them before as an adolescent) and I was super impressed! My smile is beautiful! They work with your insurance and they have treats when you are compliant. Come here to get your teeth straightened so you can improve your smile, boost your confidence and brighten someone’s day!”
— Nicole H

“We had a wonderful experience with Gandy Orthodontics. We have been there for our kids that have received treatment. Their quality care is excellent. The doctors and staff were all knowledgeable and very friendly. They return calls promptly and if you should have an emergency they will get you in right away. Highly recommended them to our friends.”
— Padma S

“We had a wonderful experience with Gandy Orthodontics. We have had three children that have received treatment here, and are very glad that we came to receive such excellent quality care here. The doctors and staff were all knowledgeable, friendly, and have a great desire to work with people. They return calls promptly and if you should have an emergency they will get you in right away. Our favorite thing about being at Gandy Orthodontics was the quality of people. It is hard to find great staff these days, and that really made a difference.”
— Deanna W

“I am writing this review because I really appreciate the kind services Gandy Orthodontics provides. When you walk in, you are welcomed by April and seated for your appointment. It is super easy and all the team are friendly. The orthodontists tell you the process and I don’t feel left out or behind on anything. Any questions that I have are always answered and I am so lucky my family and I chose Gandy Orthodontics.”
— Nelly

“I went to Dr. Gandy when I was 40 years old to straighten my teeth. Two years with the then revolutionary Damon™ Smile system gave me a great smile. Now, more than ten years later, I am still very happy with the results. Dr. Gandy and staff have been wonderful and both of my sons had braces with them as well.”
— Nate B

“The staff at Gandy Orthodontics is the absolute best! They treat you so well that after you are done with your treatment, you can still count on them to give you the best care. Imagine going back to the practice for assistance and it feels like you are coming back to family. What a blessing they are! Love all of them, especially Delia and Angie!”
— Anonymous